Jonathan picks up Restorative Justice award

29 Jun 2015

Jonathan picks up Restorative Justice award

Jonathan Kidd, Restorative Justice Facilitator at Cumbria and Lancashire CRC has picked up the Lancashire Constabularyís Divisional Restorative Justice of the Month Award for May 2015.

Working as part of a team of Restorative Justice specialists here at the CRC, Jonathan is experienced in connecting victims with their offenders in a way that can benefit both parties.

The award recognises the support Jonathan has given to the mother of a young man who had been assaulted at a party in Blackpool in January 2014 and had died as a result of his injuries. In March this year, two separate Restorative Justice Conferences were arranged where the mother was able to meet the two offenders involved in the crime. At the meetings, the victimís mother was able to get answers to the questions she had about the night her son died. Both offenders apologised for what had happened and showed true remorse, and the mother of the deceased found the experience to be very rewarding.

Cumbria and Lancashire CRC has a Restorative Justice team which works with the police, prisons, NPS and other partners to deliver this important service across the two counties.

To find out more about Restorative Justice, contact There is also a short film on our homepage which tells one victim's story.

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