At the base of our actions...

Everyone in the Sodexo community understands and shares our ethical principles.

Spreading and promoting our integrity program

Business Integrity Guide

The Business Integrity Guide is our Code of Conduct that sets our standards, which are applied to all.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

We ensure ethics with a Global Sustainable Supply Chain Code of Conduct. Therefore, Sodexo’s suppliers are required to conduct business with the highest ethical, social and environmental practices as defined by our Code.

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Rights and respect at work

Sodexo respects the Fundamental Human Rights at Work. They are standards for the treatment of all employees.

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Speak Up Ethics Line

Speak Up Ethics Line offers everyone a confidential way to raise ethical concerns or possible compliance violations.

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Raising awareness

Sodexo raises awareness among all its employees through various training campaigns related to Responsible Business Conduct.

Ensuring respect of our principles...

Our ethics and compliance committee ensures Responsible Business Conduct. The committee strives to:

… and getting inspirations from experts

We are a member of the following organizations, referring to their expertise:

Our duty of vigilance

In accordance with France’s Duty of Vigilance Act, the Vigilance Plan presents the measures put in place within the Group to identify risks and prevent serious impacts related to:

- Human rights

- Health and safety

- Environment

It takes into account the risks associated with Sodexo's operations as well as the activities of our subsidiaries and business partners, which is perfectly in line with our Corporate Responsibility roadmap.


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