Vita by Sodexo - Our Brand New Employee Benefits Programme

Published on : 5/18/23
  • At Sodexo, we see employee benefits as essential for looking after the well-being, health, and retention of our teams.


    At Sodexo, we see employee benefits as essential for looking after the well-being, health, and retention of our teams. It was with this in mind that the global roll-out of a brand new employee benefits plan named ‘Vita’ took place recently. Sodexo team members across the middle east and North Africa will now have access to a host of new and improved benefits, regardless of what level they are currently employed at.


    What is Vita by Sodexo?

    Vita by Sodexo is a fully comprehensive scheme covering all of Sodexo’s global operations, including right here in the middle east. It forms a key part of Sodexo’s global Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and brings in a level playing field and minimum standards across all 52 of Sodexo’s territories across the world.

    The overall aim is to boost well-being amongst all employees and chimes perfectly with Sodex’s vision to ‘Create a better every day for everyone to build a better life for all.’ 


    Some of the highlights of the new package include:

    • Minimum 12 weeks of parental leave for primary caregivers (14 weeks in the Middle East)

    • Minimum 2 weeks of parental leave for secondary caregivers

    • An additional 5 days of annual ‘care leave’ for staff supporting a family

    • Improved life insurance benefits for all staff

    • 24/7 employee helpline dedicated to offering Sodexo staff help, advice, and counseling.


    Adding these benefits for all Sodexo employees helps to reinforce our recently announced 3 Pillars for employee welfare where we pledge to provide all employees with the opportunities and resources they need to:

    • Belong to a Team

    • Act With Purpose

    • Thrive in Your Own Way


    Commenting on the introduction of the Vita program to all Sodexo employees in the Middle East and North Africa, our regional CEO, Colm O’Mahony said:


     “At Sodexo, we put the health, well-being, and livelihood of our employees above everything else in our business and therefore wish to ensure that the benefits they receive are aligned to the needs of our teams.  Vita by Sodexo is a reflection of our commitment to our employees’ overall health and happiness. The program that will be rolled out in 2023 in the region will improve the lives of our employees and foster a culture of care and support within our organization.”

    At Sodexo Middle East we recognize that our team is the lifeblood of our company and we are privileged to be able to support them in any way possible throughout their tenure with us. Vita by Sodexo is another way for us to offer that support.

    We understand that providing a comprehensive employee rewards program like Vita by Sodexo is not only the right thing to do, it also encourages staff development, increased satisfaction, productivity, and career longevity. Ultimately the team, the company, and the clients all benefit when staff are well motivated and we expect the introduction of Vita will lead to even more impressive results from Sodexo in the coming years.

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