What we do

No one knows remote site services management like we do. With over 50 years experience in integrated facilities management and catering in mining and industrial camps and a global framework of standardized operating procedures, our clients and consumers enjoy the same predictable value, high service levels, cost efficiencies and commitment to safety even in these challenging environments.

Food and facilities management services

We understand the challenges that come with living and working in remote and isolated locations. We actively seek real-time feedback to measure customer sentiment. Deep consumer knowledge and the use of technology to gather real-time data and bring innovation results in a better experience for residents.

Food services

lt takes a team to feed a camp. Our experienced chefs create and craft menus for catering, takeaway, and restaurant dining in remote locations. Kitchen teams work seamlessly to deliver delicious and nutritious meals.

Retail services

Being far from home doesn't have to mean being far from creature comforts. Our curated retail services offer barista-made coffee, in-room delivery, vending machines, order-ahead and more.

Employee experience

Build a sense of community. Our villages provide safe spaces where residents can rest, relax, and socialize during their time on site. Proactively measuring on site sentiment gives valuable insights into the customer experience.

Health and wellness services

Empower employees to reach their health and lifestyle goals. Our ThriveWFX program provides an annual framework to support the physical, mental, and nutritional health of residents with events, activities, and group fitness.

Integrated facilities management

With technical services, asset management, procurement, courier and mail services, camp management, and more, our Essential Services Framework delivers a comfortable, safe and productive environment for your remote camp.

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Fast-track innovation with a partnership that helps you stay ahead of a changing climate. Whether your challenges are simple or complex, we'll help handle whatever comes your way.

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Cleaning, housekeeping and laundry

Our team will help you assess your camp cleaning, housekeeping and laundry needs based on a risk assessment matrix, establish a frequency of service, complete inspections and perform deep cleaning for high-risk areas.

Aerodrome services

Nothing is more important than the safety of your employees. We manage a diverse range of aviation operations including aircraft ground handling, aviation refueling, and aerodrome helipad management.

Construction and project management

Deliver projects on time and on budget. We can handle everything from start to finish: design and pre-construction activities to deployment and handover, supplier and subcontractor selection and much more.

Transportation services

Get your residents from A to B. We’ll manage a fleet of buses to transport your employees from the accommodations to the work site and back. Safe journey management is a top priority.

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