What is apprenticeship levy gifting?

The apprenticeship levy gifting scheme matches small and medium sized employers (SME’s) with larger ‘levy paying’ organisations looking to support apprenticeship training via their levy fund. They can use this to recruit apprentices or to train and upskill their existing workforce.

How can we help? 

Apprenticeship levy gifting is a fundamental part of our Social Impact Pledge, which includes a commitment to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the cities, regions and countries in which we work. 

We are passionate about helping other organisations with apprenticeship recruitment, and have gifted or pledged £2 million of our own apprenticeship levy to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that would benefit from apprenticeship training.

Our approach is to ‘gift with purpose’ to employers that share the company’s ethos when it comes to health and safety, and ensuring their workforce is diverse and inclusive. Through levy transfer, we have so far supported 126 apprentices at SMEs, with more coming on board regularly.

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Gifting our levy allows us to share our passion for apprenticeships

Hear from Sue Davison, Head of Apprenticeships and the team at the Positive Impact Foundation, an organisation which provide multi-sports in schools. 



How we are making a difference

Woman cookng

Funding training for our emergency workers in London

We have donated some of our apprenticeship fund to London Ambulance Service to train emergency workers

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Two employees

Our commitment to apprenticeship levy giftiing

We are passionate about supporting SME growth and see apprenticeship levy gifting as a great opportunity to do something truly meaningful with long-term benefits

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Media City

Supporting community based organisations and small companies in Salford

Find out more about how we have supported a community radio station that broadcasts dance and urban music across Greater Manchester

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gifted from our apprenticeship levy to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that would benefit from apprenticeship training