Enhancing Employee Engagement

Our employee support and work-life balance services help companies grow their business, build communities in the workplace, and make a real difference in employee’s lives.

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Our Services

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Work-life balance support

We give your employees back time. By implementing our work-life balance solutions, you can create a positive and supportive work culture that attracts and retains top talent, improves employee performance, and enhances overall company success.

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Community management

A Community Manager ensures employees feel supported and connected. Managers can plan in-person and remote events, design team-building activities, promote amenities, and facilitate communication between departments.

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Workplace experience

Create an environment where employees are eager to return. From personalised greeting and check-in services to customised amenities, we ensure employees and guests feel valued.

Business Impacts & Benefits

Company culture

We play a crucial role in building and promoting company culture. We continually create moments that matter by anticipating employee needs, capturing feedback, and continuously improving the workplace experience.

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Employee well-being

We remove work/home distractions by tackling pressing and time-absorbing tasks. This in turn allows the employee to focus on the task at hand, maximise their downtime, reclaim their lunch break and engage with colleagues. The result – a happier, healthier workforce who will be better engaged and more productive.

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We receive 80% of our requests during business hours, with our members saving almost 3 hours of their own time. Over the course of a week/month/year, that’s a lot of time invested back into your business.

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Offering a work-life balance services is a statement to candidates that a company cares for their well-being and is prepared to provide enhanced services to improve the employee experience and support their people inside and outside of work.

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Circles announces certification as a Great Place to Work

Circles UK & Ireland is thrilled to announce their certification as a Great Place to Work by the renowned global authority on workplace culture. With 97% of employees voting Circles as a Great Place to Work, this prestigious certification is a testament to Circles UK & Ireland’s commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment for its employees.

Corporate social responsibility

Sodexo was founded to do good wherever we do business. Our social impact pledge sets out our key commitments to People, Places, Partners and Planet, and we’re committed to reaching net zero by 2040.

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Read our Social Impact Report 2023

Our latest report shows how we’re making a positive difference across the UK and Ireland. It provides compelling data and real-life examples of the social impact we’ve created.

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Cutting carbon emissions

We’re on track to be carbon neutral by 2025 and aiming for net zero by 2040. Our near-term and long-term carbon reduction targets have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative.

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