Social Impact Report 2024

We publish our social impact report annually, providing a comprehensive overview – including compelling data and real-life examples – of how we are making a positive difference in communities across the UK and Ireland. This year, the report represents an overview of progress made during our three-year social value strategy.

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Social Impact Pledge 2021

In 2021 we launched our Social Impact Pledge, which is our fourth ethical manifesto. This pledge prioritises 22 of the commitments within our comprehensive social value strategy which covers four impact pathways; people; planet; places and partners.

Sean Haley, regional Chair at Sodexo UK & Ireland gives a brief introduction to Sodexo's social value pledge for 2021 - watch it here


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Social impact pledge 2021 front cover - people, planet, places, partners

Our social value strategy

Our approach to social value focuses on four impact pathways, encompassing all aspects of our business:

Social Value - People

Our people

We create employment opportunities through apprenticeships and provide employees with access to services that support their health and wellbeing needs.  Our strategy promotes social mobility across our business, and supports groups who need help to secure suitable employment that could kickstart their career, helping them take the first step to long-term rehabilitation.

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Our planet

Our planet

We all have a responsibility to protect our planet, so we have implemented a strategy to reduce, recover and repurpose waste. These activities will support our journey to Net Zero by 2040, not only at Sodexo but in partnership with our clients and supply chain. We're also increasing the take up of sustainable diet options and removing unrecylable plastics.

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Our places

We're committed to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the cities, regions and countries in which we work. We recognise that there is economic disparity across our communities and are fully committed to supporting the 'levelling-up' agenda. Our employees are also enabled to support local fundraising and volunteering activity in the community.

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Our partners

We are committed to enhancing the capabilties and capacity of our small, medium enterprises (SME) and voluntary, charity and social enterprise (VCSE) network and suppliers. Through our charity, Stop Hunger Foundation, we support a wide charity network including apprenticeship levy gifting to help create equity for all across our communities.

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