We all have a responsibility to protect our planet, so we have implemented a strategy to reduce, recover and repurpose waste. These activities will support our journey to Net Zero by 2040, not only at Sodexo but in partnership with our clients and supply chain. We're also increasing the take up of sustainable diet options and removing unrecylable plastics.

Our journey to net zero by 2040

Sodexo UK & I has launched its roadmap to net zero by 2040. The targets were set after working in partnership with international experts, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), to ensure that our net zero strategy is thorough, impactful, and transparent.

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Net Zero

Social impact pathway: our planet

Our fight against food waste

A third of all food produced globally ends being wasted, making food waste one of the greatest contributors to climate change and biggest scandals of our time. Whether it’s during the ordering, storage, preparation, or serving process, we are working together with our teams, clients and suppliers to reduce food and collateral waste across Sodexo sites. 

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Sustainable diets and low-carbon meals

We recognise that we all have a part to play in reducing the impact of our every day activities, including what we eat, on the environment. That's why we have set ourselves the target of having 33% of our menus as plant-based worldwide by 2025.

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Sustainable packaging

The challenge single use plastics presents is large and we continue to ensure we are doing all we can to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. We aim to prevent waste where we can but where disposables are still necessary we have intoduced a number of environmentally friendly initiatives.

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Supporting a shift to innovative energy solutions

Sodexo believes it is vital to increase energy awareness and to deploy best practices around energy efficiency. We are proud to have switched our estate electricity supply in the UK to renewable sources, helping to reduce our carbon footprint by over 6,000 tonnes of CO2 every year

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Increasing local and small business engagement and responsible sourcing

We are a significant purchaser with more than 4,300 suppliers, so it is essential to develop trusting, mutually beneficial, long-term relationships to guarantee the quality and safety of products across our supply chain.

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Creating a positive impact on society and our environment

Our 2021 social impact pledge

Our social impact pledge sets out our priority areas and commitments as part of our wider social value strategy over the next three years. It sets out how we will deliver our pledges to create a healthier, greener, safe and more prosperous society across the UK and Ireland.

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We have now deployed WasteWatch at 354 sites; preventing over 437 tonnes of food waste, equating to over 3,230 tonnes of CO2 and 844,600 meals