In light of the recent escalation in the Covid-19 situation in a number of countries, Sodexo is coordinating globally to manage its business continuity and pandemic plans to support and protect its employees and consumers across all of its geographies.

The health and safety of Sodexo employees and consumers is our utmost priority.

Sodexo has reinforced the existing rules for food safety, personal hygiene and infection control which will reduce the risk of this, or any other virus, spreading. Sodexo is also restricting all non-essential  business travel until further notice. This action is being taken as a precaution.

Local teams have been proactively managing the response with our clients since the outbreak was first announced, ensuring business continuity and the safety of the teams and consumers in the various geographies where we operate.  

As the situation is an evolving one, Sodexo teams are adhering to guidelines of health advisories and local authorities and will continue to closely monitor the situation.

Corona Overview to Clients

Sodexo has business continuity and pandemic plans in place and we are working 24/7 to ensure that our teams have the right tools and information to reduce transmission risk and mitigate any suspected or confirmed cases, whether at work or at home. Sodexo recognizes that all organizations have a role to play to address COVID-19. By working with our clients and mobilizing all of our employees, we can help to reduce the spread of this virus and mitigate its impact.

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Stop the Spread

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